Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe eggless use only 4 ingredients

Guys here I am sharing with you all everyone’s favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe. This is a quick chocolate chip cookies recipe eggless. It looks just like our What’s App emoji ➡️🍪⬅️🤣. You can prepare it within an hour. It is nicely crispy with chocolate chips in each bite.

Preparation time : 5 mins | Baking time : 10-15 mins

Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Step 1:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step01

Firstly guys we will take a regular borosil bowl. And take butter in it.

The butter should not be too hard or too soft. It should be such that by pressing it will change shape.

Step 2:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step02

Now in this step I am going to use a hand mixer. But you can use whisk as well. But I would suggest to use a hand mixer.

Step 3:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step03

We are going to whip the butter till gets a bit fluffy and light. If you are using a hand mixer whip for 2 mins. A hand whisk will take longer time of about 4-5 mins.

Step 4:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step04

In this step we are going to incorporate sugar and flour into our fluffy light butter.

Step 5:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step05

Again we will whip and mix the mixture to combine into a one, like we can see in the image on left.

Step 6:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step06

The mixture at this moment will start to get a bit lumpy as you can see in the image. So softly we have to start knitting it.

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Soft Dough

After knitting properly we will get a soft and smooth chocolate chip cookies dough like this.

Step 7:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step07

This is the favorite step of mine. We have to add chocolate chip to our cookies dough.

Step 8:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step08

We have to again knit the dough to get the chocolate chips evenly distributed in our cookies dough.

Step 9:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step09

Now take the cookies dough and divide it into small balls of a size you desire your cookie to be. (The image is a close-up snap so appears large balls, but as small.)

Step 10

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step10

Take an oven tray and grease it nicely with oil,butter or ghee.

Step 11:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step11

The small chocolate chip cookies dough are to be lightly flattened(don’t apply too much pressure) and placed on the greased oven tray.

Step 12:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step12

Now we will top our cookies generously with chocolate chip.

Step 13:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step13

Preheat the oven for 8-10 mins @ 180°C. Now put our tray for 10-15 mins @ 180°C. Bake time may differ so just make sure that chocolate chips cookies have turned light brown and are real hard.

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Puffed

Guys we did not use any baking powder or baking soda or eno to puff up the cookies. But you can compare the images in this step and can tell that our cookies are increased in size.

Step 14:

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Step14

Now we will take the cookies out and sit it till gets all cool. After that you can break and tell how nicely crispy it is!!

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Cool it

Guys I would suggest you to use a rack like this as in image, so that our chocolate chip cookies gets cool and ready to serve quickly.

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Ready


Ingredients :

Chocolate Chips Cookie-Ingredients
  • White Flour: 1 and ¼ cup
  • Sugar(powdered): ½ cup
  • Chocolate Chips: 2-3 tbsp
  • Butter(at room temperature): 100 grams

Try this Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe eggless and tell in comments how much you like it and if any difficulty you can drop a mail at : [email protected]

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