Hello all, Thank You for visiting.

I am Ashlesha Orke and the author of this blog. Born and brought up in Nagpur city. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and currently, I am an MBA student at Ramdeobaba College Of Engineering and Management

I like to chat with new people and gain some new knowledge or any valuable sort of information. And as well I like to share what’s on my mind but every time it is not possible that the same group of people will be interested in your content. So here is the reason I want to start this blog to get my content reached to the people and get connected.

The lockdown cause of COVID-19 gave me time to explore my hobbies. And in this baking tops the list. Earlier I shared and helped my friends to bake cakes for birthdays, anniversary, and so on. My family and friends like this hobby and keep me pushing to try something new and keep them tasting.

Baking gives me a feeling of rewarding. It works like relaxation therapy for me.The fragrance and aroma of freshly baked cake get me drooling.

For now, I am experimenting with icing. I try to make my recipe as easy as possible that anyone can follow and bake. As well as with most of the ingredients available at home or the material that won’t cost much.

The key is to balance ingredients, temperature, and time that’s the art of baking.

I would like you all to join me on this journey. Here you will find the amazing and most satisfying recipes of bread, cakes, cookies, and much more. I hope this blog will uplift your baking skills. Do tell us in the comments.